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Japanese phrase of the day - Yurukyara

Japanese phrase of the day




Yuru-kyara are mascot characters sponsored by certain municipalities to promote local products and tourism in that area.

ゆるキャラ (n) (weak) mascot character (e.g. devised for PR purposes by local government, government departments, etc.); KD
特定の from 特定 【とくてい】 (adj-na,n,vs,adj-no) specific; special; particular; (P); ED
自治体 【じちたい】 (n) municipality; local government; self-governing body; autonomous entity; (P); ED
地域 【ちいき】 (n) area; region; (P); ED
特産品 【とくさんひん】 (n) special product; ED
観光 【かんこう】 (n,vs,adj-no) sightseeing; (P); ED
宣伝する from 宣伝 【せんでん】 (n,vs) publicity; advertisement; advertising; propaganda;
ために (conj) (1) for; for the sake of; to one's advantage; in favor of; in favour of; on behalf of; (2) because of; as a result of; KD
発案した from 発案 【はつあん】 (n,vs) idea; suggestion; initiation of a proposal; (P); ED
マスコットキャラクター (?) Mascot; GA
である (v5r-i) to be (formal, literary);

Some examples are given in the image

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