Saturday, 15 December 2012

Reading Newspaper 3

Yes i know, its so boring to read newspapers, and that too a topic related to nuclear power plants. I had an interest in this issue, and saw massive demonstrations here in Japan, now a hot topic for election campaign.

先頃の調査によれ ば、2号機の下にも浦底に連動する活断層があるらしい。原子炉直下とあっては再稼働はかなわず、廃炉となる公算が大きい。存亡の危機に、同社は動揺を隠せ ないだが希望はある。原発の草分け企業は、廃炉でもパイオニアなのだ。

A similar survey has also identified a second fault, linked to the Urasoko fault, which could be active, too. This one lies directly beneath the No. 2 reactor building. No nuclear reactor sitting above an active fault can be restarted. The No. 2 reactor will most likely be decommissioned. But this could be a matter of life and death for Japan Atomic Power, which is understandably deeply concerned. There is hope, however. A pioneer in nuclear power generation, the company is also a founding father of the business of decommissioning dead reactors.

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