Sunday, 27 January 2013

Japanese phrase of the day - Happy go lucky

Japanese phrase of the day


  • 今までに from : 今まで(P); 今迄 【いままで】 (adv)  until now; so far; up to the present;
  • 最も 【もっとも】 (adv) most; extremely;
  • のんきな from のんき (ateji) (adj-na,n) carefree; optimistic; careless; reckless; heedless; happy-go-lucky; easygoing; thoughtless;
  • 十代の from : 十代(P); 10代 【じゅうだい】 (n,adj-no) (1)the teens (10-19); teenage; (n) (2) (十代, 10代 only) the tenth generation;
  • 若者 【わかもの】 (n,adj-no) young man; youth; lad;

Translation - He's the most happy-go-lucky teenager I've ever seen.

  • Happy-go-lucky
    楽天的な (らくてんてきな)、のんきな

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