Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Japanese phrase of the day - Mesmerizing

Japanese phrase of the day


  • 映画 【えいが】 (n,adj-no) movie; film;
  • 最後に 【さいごに】 (adv) last; lastly; in conclusion; finally;
  • 心 【こころ; しん】 (こころ) (n) mind; heart; spirit; (しん) (n) core; heart; wick; marrow; SP
  • 奪う 【うばう】 (v5u,vt) to snatch away; to dispossess; to steal;
  • 場面 【ばめん】 (n,adj-no) scene; setting (e.g. of novel);
Translation - The film contains a mesmerizing scene at the end.

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