Thursday, 17 January 2013

Japanese phrase of the day - Healthier food

Japanese phrase of the day 


  • 調理 【ちょうり】 (n,vs) cooking; food preparation;
  • 主任 【しゅにん】 (n) person in charge; responsible official; senior staff;
  • ほとんどの most of ...;
  • 病院 【びょういん】 (n,adj-no) hospital;
  • メニュー (n) menu
  • 見直す :  【みなおす】 (v5s) (1) to look again; (2) to get a better opinion of;
  • 料理 【りょうり】 (n,vs) (1) cooking; cookery; cuisine;
  • 全般 【ぜんぱん】 (n,adj-no) (the) whole; universal; wholly; general
  • 健康的な from 健康的 【けんこうてき】 (adj-na) hygienic; healthy; healthful; sanitary;
  • だけではなく (exp) not only .. but also ..;
  • ベジタリアン (n) vegetarian;
  • 料理 【りょうり】 (n,vs) (1) cooking; cookery; cuisine; (2) (nuance of doing it easily) dealing with something; handling; administration; management; (P); ED
  • 増やし 【ふやし】 (n) increase; 《verb stem》 増やす : 殖やす(P); 増やす(P) 【ふやす】 ; (v5s,vt) to increase; to add to; to augment
Translation - The chef said most hospitals have been revising their menus to include more vegetarian dishes, as well as healthier food in general.

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